Arting…inspiring and encouraging you to be the artist you are

Because you are :-). Really really.

How do I know? Because you are here, reading this…and because chances are I have been where you are now too in the past. And also because… as Joseph Beuys once said

“Every human being is an artist.”

My name is Irena. Ellis. I am an artist/creativity coach and educator.

HOW do I inspire and encourage you to #becometheartistyouare?

By creating my own work, creativity coaching and teaching.

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Do you want to know what I am doing right now? Go over here.

As seen on

  • National Gallery in Prague
  • Telegraph Hill Festival
  • Pilsen European Captital of Culture 2015
  • Galerie Klatovy/Klenová
  • 3a7f7-img_460706321-img_49219c4bc-img_4970333cd-img_2321a18ee-img_5110c402c-img_5827Photo on 08-10-2015 at 15.20Photo on 10-10-2015 at 13.250e9f3-img_4586







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