What is it like to draw your breath?

Working for  Galerie Klatovy Klenová I devise and deliver art/education programs for school children and creative workshops for families with little kiddies as well as adults.

This time round my job was to be inspired (literally thinking about it :-)) by the work of Filomena Borecká and interpret/mediate her exhibition to school children.

The work is called Phrenos: The Bank of Breath. Difficult to put into words its impact on a visitor, it is/can be very physical and emotional, even intimate in a rather subtle way.

How to convey this best to a group of twelve-year olds? When there is 30 of them?

I have decided to approach it in a different way this time – we would concentrate on our own understanding and perception of the phenomenon of breathing and only then go and see/experience Filomena’s work.

We would do a guided breath meditation to get in touch with our own process of breathing and then tried to think of times and situations when we “draw our breath”. And then we did it – literally. Using only pencil and paper and lines.



Here are some of them:

Photo on 08.05.14 at 10.52 #2 Photo on 08.05.14 at 10.52 Photo on 08.05.14 at 10.53 Photo on 08.05.14 at 10.53 #2

In the reflection we compared the different breaths and in what situations they would be taking place, what feelings were associated with them. We tried to draw our breath in the way they were drawn on the paper and discussed the experience.

Only then did we enter Phrenos and went around the exhibition.

The children commented on how the activity before seeing the works has helped them start thinking about its theme and compare how the author has worked with it. They said it has helped them become more aware of their sensual perceptions, own breathing process, feelings and thus the way the work works.

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