London Calling

It has been here for years…since…ever since my high school years. The London calling. I have considered it several times in my life but only now has come the right time to act upon it. The London calling.

So…with my favorite band Lanugo: I’m moving to London, on the night train. I’m moving to London, I’m sick of pain…

Have said goodbye to my Klatovy friends (for the time being anyway) and booked everything. Even learned how to make coffee on the proper coffee machine. Espresso is the basis of everything, didn’t you know?

I have couple of things lined up in London. Some play, perhaps some work too…some serious play as I will be working with Judith Morgan of and John Williams of Screw Work Let’s Play on my next play venture. This time…it is all going to add up. I have a feeling.

Not actually leaving on the night train, but a night bus, on Sunday, 7th September at 7 pm. Arriving at Victoria at 11 am on Monday.

Can’t wait.

Watch this space,
I will keep you posted!




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