Happy Happy Happy. Lighten Up. From 99 to 74 in 9 months. Down 25 kg. When on antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs

Photo on 24-05-2015 at 10.07

Recently I got busy being happy. After ten years with the so called schizoaffective disorder, which took me on the ride from a suicide attempt, through medicating me to extra 50 kg of weight (nearly doubled my size, went from dress size 8-10 to 18-20) to depression and relapses, I decided to chuck it all in a fuck it bucket and start loving myself for a change. I stopped. I made changes, life changing changes and life has changed for better.

This is what I looked like nine months ago, just before I set off for London: I weighed 99 kg, or perhaps I told myself I did, as I peered at the scales dreading the proverbial tripple digit. To be brutally honest – I did cross that one too, more than once, oscilating round the cent…

In 2010 after training for the Prague marathon I went down to 85 kg but alas gained the weight back as I losened up my jogging routine. The knees were giving me a hard time too. So eventually I quit.

Photo on 31.08.14 at 7.01Photo on 31.08.14 at 7.01 #2

In London I met someone who  was kind enough to introduce me to information that has helped me make dietary changes that have catalysed the process of lightening up my body and freeing it from years of fat imprisonment.

I am now size 14, weigh 74 kilos which is 12 stone.

And comfortably slimming down further…when sticking to the dietary discipline, which is really simple…but I have noticed I do go up when I slack from it.

Do you want to know how I did it? What was the information I was given?

Get  your SlimMe info sheet here. 

It is available by donation, percentage of the proceeds goes to social rehabilitation  charity Ledovec in Pilsen.

Disclaimer: This is not a medical advice, but a dietary suggestion that has helped me lighten up my life and has worked for others (even if not on psychopharmaceutical drugs) too.








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