Solid Fragility – My Cup Paintings

So, finally, after having sketched cups for about a month…after having drawn umpteens of them when I was ill and recovering, I have decided to have a go at canvas. Always feeling a bit more serious than just drawing on a sheet of paper or in a sketch book.

The below are there results. I have been asking myself these questions: What is it about the cup that draws me to draw it/paint it? How can I best convey it? After sketching and experimenting a bit with the framing, I got down to painting the first one – I wanted to capture its solidity, the volumes, its sculpturality – thus the size…I remembered Cezanne’s lessons and Kupka came to mind as I explored the pastel “brush”stroke possibilities. Last but not least, I somehow felt drawn to add a subtle outline line that would somehow counterpoint the fragility of the cup too

.Photo on 08-10-2015 at 13.51

In the second one I just developed that process further – I used the broader side the pastel for sculptural/painterly gesture and modelation on the network of fragile lines. Then layer upon layer of the painting, adding pieces of information, about the surface too, and its interplay with the surrounding.

That is what I saw. I loved the colours too – the turquois and greys and whites…calming in a way.

 Photo on 08-10-2015 at 15.20

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