Fashion Found: Frocks from Your Fabrics

While playing around with my sewing machine lately, I have come up with this: Fashion Found. After all, I do come from a town of Prostějov, Czech Republic, which has had a rich fashion history way into 19th century 😉 and been making clothes for myself ever since I was 12.

The concept is simple: I recreate your beloved no longer worn fabrics into designer fab frocks. Here are a couple of latest examples: two dresses and a skirt.

Photo on 14-10-2015 at 14.59 Photo on 14-10-2015 at 14.50 Photo on 14-10-2015 at 14.39 #4
These lovelies are for sale – size UK 14-16  Materials: cotton and wool (originally ladies tops). @ 30 GBP per dress and 20 GBP for skirt.
Photo on 17-10-2015 at 18.00
Photo on 14-10-2015 at 21.26
This one is a skirt turned into a dress. Had loads of fun making it and a shirt turned into a mini.
Accompanied by a statement piece of fashionable necklace 🙂.
Photo on 10-10-2015 at 13.25
So, here is my fashion statement proposal for you, fab, free-spirit ladies who are fashion as well as environmentally and ethically conscious: send me your no-longer worn t-shirts, skirts, dresses, pants and I shall transform them into designer frocks, skirts as well as matching jewellery pieces. Not only will you be saving the environment, but you will gain a new original piece of fluff to wear and love.
Prices vary according to how complex the final design is, however I do have a general lead: Skirts – 25 GBP, Dresses – 35 GBP and Jewellery – 20 GBP per original piece. Plus p&p which works out around 5 GBP per piece.
Interested? Intrigued? In?
Email me: or pm me on Fb on Irena Arting Ellis or at Fashion Found
Looking forward to fashioning with you.
Love, Me,Irena

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