What made my year? Butterflies Among Walls. Will you join me?

As I spent 2015 recovering from a serious health issue, let me look back at 2014…something I have not quite acknowledged and given enough appreciation for. It only occurred to me as I got a new year’s letter from Amnesty International Czech headquarters thanking me for my support.

Before I left for Enland last year, I had my last exhibition in Czech. At a South Bohemian town of Blatná, in the local museum/gallery.

The installation exhibition was located in the gallery cellar and inspired by the fact that it once had been a prison. I let about 400 paper butterlies land on its cell walls, each of them bearing a name of one or more prisoners of consciousness on the list of AI. The names were written in invisible ink, so that you could only see it if casting light at it with a special torch you carried around in the darkened corridors. I had made the paper butterflies by hand, having prayed for each and every name on the list in the process.

One of the cells was also dedicated to signing petitions for topical AI campaigns.

This is what it looked like.

And these were the texts available to visitors. I also lead a workshop for local people in which they could share their messages of hope and create their own butterflies.

MOTYLI_IRENA ELLIS-page-00110296286_10152141954592548_8049874874139497804_o10450217_10152142006597548_1269087907376217451_oThis is the press release available in CZ and EN: TZ_Motýli mezi zdmi

It is an open call for artists and non/artists to donate their own butterfly which will be included in a book of prints sold, with most of the profits going to AI. Should you want to be included in this project, please get in touch.

These are the prints which are currently for sale.


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