I have a Dream…coming out


Cheers! :-)…So…it is 2016…the year of…whatever I make it of.

Looking at Art and Design Teaching jobs online…yet somehow something is holding me back.

I have a dream. I dream of my own Arting space. In Czech we have these out of school art clubs for youth…well this would be a kind of informal out of school art club for everybody – a space for mums with kids to come and explore the (art) world in the morning, kids after school to experiment (not only with the techniques), and the adults in the evening for enjoyment and learning. It would be filled with art materials you could try out and test, techniques and approaches to explore, artist inspired activities, workshops…place for meeting, hanging out, having a cup of tea, a break and a bit of fun.

It would be affordable. Charge couple of pounds on the door or abonenment tickets for longer periods of time.

I need to raise the initial capital, to pay for the couple of first rents and utilities, find a space, buy materials…

What do you think? Am I nuts? Should I make a kickstarter video and go for it?

I think I will. Who is up for it? Looking for a “sparing” partner (preferably a girl/woman) in South East London/New Cross Gate area. Please refer peeps to me :-).

Thank you!!!





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