The Often Hidden Benefits of Arting

Since I started talking more and being more visible online, people interested in what I do have asked me some interesting questions:

What is arting? I do not try to define it, even, anymore. I probably tend to think about it as a process of art making for (more) fun, connection (with oneself and others) and discoveries (often unexpected).

In my arting I use tools and techniques of mainly visual arts and also art therapy.

What is arting good for? Well, it may seem almost decadent (good) to art away on a busy day. The benefits I have noticed on myself and people whom I have been arting with have been the following (oftentimes hardly quantifiable):

more joy and juice in the everyday

feeling more energy

going crazy/sane (this was me, both times)

dancing more

experiencing bouts of self-love

connecting with people and myself

feeling “sparked up”

more clarity

making real virtual friends

sharing the difficult and the good

more smiles on

new insights (into the human condition…I am only kidding…but they say so)

overcoming doubts

willingness to mess about and experiment

having the courage to just have a go

having way more fun in the day

When I look at these, not baad for a piece of art, or 20 minutes a day of arting.

All the above are things that have to do more with ourselves rather than with the art techniques and media (though you may learn a few useful bits and bobs about your favourite ones too as a by-product).

How do I start Arting? A good starting point would be: Arting FB Group. In the leap week we are running and Arting Kicsktarter ChallengePhoto on 15-02-2016 at 09.09 #2.

Do feel free to join us. And bring a friend along :-).

Oh…and as to the more obvious benefits: you might end up painting that painting you have always dreamt about, write that book, start singing in the choir…or have an exhibition. I did (have one, wait, two)…and in the process of writing and illustrating a book on arting :-).










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