What Kind of Creative Animal Are you? Find Out! This is not a quiz

Photo on 26-02-2016 at 09.55So…when people ask me what I do…I tell them I am an artist, and inspire people to be/come the artists they are.

This kind of puzzles them. They ask…what kind of artist? And what do you mean by be/coming the artist they are? You mean we are all artists?

I am an artist trying to work out what artistic animal I am…and yes, we all are artists, so are you, if you want to be/come one.

That is the best answer I have come up with so far. The above and the below.

You will only be/come an artist if you art/away, and in the process you, if lucky and persistent enough, you probably will find out what kind as well. As long as I am following joy… I can live with that.

The Nike (who was a Greek goddess of victory) logo Just Do It seems more than fitting. But I know that more often than not many things get in the way of just doing it. Mostly my own self.

In my work, in the past as an educator, gallery professional and creative freelancer I have always been best at inspiring and encouraging people on this path. Probably because I have walked it, and stumbled and got lost on it many a time myself. I have become a creativity coach (well, that is the nearest box I can box myself into)…I call what I do Arting.

Welcome to my world.





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