Arting? Just do it. Starting NOW. Like now.

You know that feeling, you feel itchy, drawn…to create/art away…and then…you don’t.

Something’s in the way….

There are all these problems and obstacles (in the form of negative beliefs, doubts and fears) in the way.

Let me guess:

You just don’t have the time.

You don’t have enough space.

You feel insecure about creating, lack self-confidence, don’t have inspiration…aka, you tell yourself you are not “good enough”.

You are not disciplined enough (if you start, you stop and start and stop or abandon it altogether).

You tell yourself arting is  a waste of time (like there is your job, your family, your friends, your dinner, your dog…to look after)

you don’t have the technical skills and know-how…

and the list goes on.

Let me tell you something…all these are ballony  excuses (of your ego) stopping you from having all that fun with exploring, sharing and enjoying your arting (be it writing, drawing, painting, musicing, dancing, craft or any other creative stuff…indeed it can apply to sports disciplines too…like running…or any pursuit we want to pursue)

If you are drawn to it…then Hell yah get on with it. Permission granted.

Permission granted, I said. Wrote :-).

So how do you get on with the ugly ballonies stopping you in your track?

Transform your inner critic/doubter/top dog…mind…into your inner coach. Turn the negative mind into positive and life-and-fun affirming.

Here is how. E.g.s from above.

I don’t have time> Make time. Track where your time is going and schedule time for your creativity. Stick to it.

I don’t have the space > Make space. The absolute minimum required. Claim your space. Create your space. Rearrange. Go outside of your place to a café. Leave the café and lock yourself in the spare room. Use that small table. Buy a sketchbook and a pen.

I feel insecure about creating, lack self-confidence, don’t have inspiration…Stop right now and start. You will only gain confidence and inspiration around your arting with the energy you spend on it. Direct proportionality. Ring the bell, sit down, and just DO it. For ten minutes to start with. How does that feel? Schedule next ten minutes and DO it. And so on.

I am not disciplined enough (if you do start, you stop and start and stop or abandon it altogether)> Variation on the above – probably been telling yourself some of that negative self-talk. Note it down. Turn it around. Create a discipline ritual. Like first twenty minutes of your day spent arting…that kind of thing.

I tell myself arting is  a waste of time (like there is your job, your family, your friends, your dinner, your dog…to look after)> well of course there are all these things…but you feel drawn to have a bit, a lot of arting fun in your lives. So just DO it. See above. And btw. arting is one of the most profound meaning making activities there are. Just saying.

I don’t have the talent or technical skills and know-how> well, it is about starting and practicing and learning. Talent is overrated. Just log in those hours (they say it takes 10 000 hours to perfect  anything) Teach yourself…(it is said that you can teach yourself photography with 6 rolls of film…do, see, adjust, do see, adjust, do, see, adjust, do, see, adjust, do, see, adjust, do see, adjust). Now. Have you done it? Yet? Ok, it might not translate in this era of DSLRs but you get the point. You only learn when and BY doing the stuff. No point reading about it…forever, I mean (rings a bell?). Just DO it.

So…have you DONE it yet?

Got you timer? Pick your practice/project. Clear some space. Do twenty minutes of it. Ok? Staaarting now: 19:57 on May 2nd.

Ok…how was it? What have you learnt?

No? What has stopped you? Note ti down. Turn it around. Go!

Yes? Well done you! Big pat on the shoulder! Now, go and do/log another twenty minutes.

Let me know how it went.


I am off to log 20 minutes of piano practice. Now. Photo on 26-02-2016 at 09.55

If you want to, you can join us for an Arting spree from tomorrow onwards. Arting ON!


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