Street Art Therapy

cropped-img_46072.jpgIn Czech, and in London I have been involved with what I call “street art therapy”…or therapy through art in the street/public space…I am no graffiti or mural artist…my pieces are more subtle and emphemeral. I like them so.

Tapping into the tradition of Vladimír Boudník’s explosionalismus of the 50s, Situationists and later conceptual tendencies, with an element of interaction and participation my pieces stem  from the need to communicate, share and connect. And perhaps to understand, ultimately.

My very first piece involved a woodo puppet with nails of the then head of National gallery in Prague, Milan Knížák called “Is it necessary to kill Knížák?” as an open question to the culture and art community in Prague/Czech. The puppet, left in the Piazzetta of the National Theatre was stabbed a couple of times and then taken home by a probably mentally deranged woman who took mercy on it.

After moving to Pilsen, I have been mapping out the geographies of our souls in the city: Psychogeography of Pilsen.

And the values we share and that make our common culture: Culture: Happening

Later making cobblestones speak out:  Thus spoke the cobblestone.

Butterflies land in strange places and do their healing work: The Tao of a Butterfly

Taking Secret Santa idea an running with it in a disconnected community: Gift for Passersby

And reminding people of their dreams in the Christmas Balls on the Run (I don’t want to go back in the Box ) installation.

They might seem like strange, even whacky ideas, yet I would like to think they did their little work. They made sense to me, thus I made them…asking question, posing questions, involving others, seeing the pieces change place over time and noting down the responses of passersby and participants.

I am drawn to producing something on the basis of a Neighbour Raffle here on Waller Rd. As I have noticed that people only know their neighbours for one or two doors down…otherwise oblivious of who lives behind those colourful painted doors. Or perhaps I will do something on the doors/with the doors. Watch this space. I will be back.




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