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A participative installation that took place on 8th July during a Friendly Friday at The Hill Station during a meeting geared around the post-Brexit vote referendum and “what now? questions”.

I, being a local EU national, have wondered what now, and what kind of world I really want to live in, and what I can do about it. Hence the two questions asked of my fellow Telegraph Hillers looking for hopes/dreams/visions AND agency.

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation, and I feel we are in a rather transformative point in time, that is why I have used it. Not only has it been a symbol and word in Greek for human psyché, but a powerful metaphor for positive change. Let’s do this. Now.

I have typed up below the responses collected during the evening from participants of all shapes and forms :-).
What do you wish for your community?
What are you going to do about it?

More ART  – year round festival!

That our spirit of togetherness continues and spreads

Café to open longer hours – get more involved with the community after work 🙂

Make the effort to find out who need help – Make the effort to reach out and help

Open ears, open eyes, open discussion – Open mind Open hearts

I love plain weth Maya

And bee kind too

I wanna feel I belong here

Communities of Love, Let’s have open doors 3 times a year

Open Eyes Open Hearts Open Arms

Less littering and less grafitti

I want to make more friends here ❤

Open Future

Are we really together?

Hold onto what is already special about Telegraph Hill. Continue to “welcome strangers” and tolerate differences.

A more equal society. I will do anything.

I want to sher /share/.

Stick together. Smile. Say “Hi”. Continue with the café and community events.

I got shouted at. I want to feel safe again.

Let’s break a world record in New Cross – something that represents togetherness. Something for all, something the world will understand, appreciate and learn from.

May we all see what we have IN COMMON. I shall remind myself daily. We all need to breathe, eat, need shelter, love and belonging so let’s do this without hurting each other.

Talk to people you don’t know.

How do we connect, listen and hear better?

I would like to see more locally produced food/fruit. Neighborhood sharing system. I have pears.

Less Crime – More police, a small police base size of the Hill Station and a small hospital.

Possibilities in the greys, it is not black or white.

Irena Ellis, http://www.arting.me, irena.ellis@gmail.com

9th July 2016


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