Where are you? or: What have arting and language learning in common?

#0 Where are you_I have been arting for some ten years, following some ten years of not daring to art because, in my view, I was “not good enough” and thus not entitled to even trying. (Blaaah, yuck, what a nasty!). I had been a queen of stuckness and blockedness. It was not funny, it was no fun. It took me some five years, nervous breakdown and a follow up healing process, of which arting was a major part, to get here. From insecure to installation exhibition (for Amnesty International).

Here is what I wish I knew/could do ten years ago, and in my experience to some extent we, artingers, all could do with help in these areas to some extent:

I have used the language learning level terminology, partly for fun, but also to show how the issues progress as we do in our arting.

  • Beginner:Awareness and Unblocking
    • Yes, you are an artist, even if only a shadow one for the time being. No matter how (false) beginner. If you feel restless, envious of artists/writers/musicians/dancers…these are good indicators you have been blocked…for some time, in some cases most of your life.
      • This is what one Artinger said about it “I have realized I really want to create-write. I have never done it properly.”
  • Elementary: Starting up your arting process
    • Finding and learning your own ways and systems of how to find inspirations and ideas and note them down, so that they don’t disappear. Daily practice.
      • Another Artinger said “Arting rocks – inspires me to be more creative…in my biz as well!”
  • Pre-intermediate: Committing
    • Time and space and practice, absolutely crucial…and if you don’t learn your tenses right at this stage, you probably are going to stumble later on, in the language terminology.
      • “Thank you for holding that space for our creativity, it proved crucial!”
  • Intermediate: Explore, Develop, Keep going – aka the middle
    • Present perfect of the arting process. We have started and  have gotten somewhere and need to keep going to get to where we wanted to be. Aka the Creative projects cycle.
      • “The last Arting challenge back in February was a game changer for me, my work really jumped a gear. I’m still exploring the results. Thank you, Irena! I’ll follow alongside with this one too, as much as I can.”
  • Upper-intermediate: Loosen up to play and balance it up with discipline
    • It is work now 🙂 Turn up everyday and do it. Don’t get bogged down  with but deal with the details, keep the big vision going.
      • Am probably here myself. 🙂
  • Advanced/Fluent: Mastery and Money, Honey.
    • They say you need to log 10 000 hours into something to perfect it. You also, somewhere on the way are trying to find ways how to make ends meet and beyond if/when a full-time artist/educator.
      • Been able to make a living this way in one country, now building it in my new home.

As in a foreign language learning, so in the language of arting there usually are bits and pieces, words and phrases you learn at different times, and the levels are losely defined, however generally to sound fluent, you need to go through all the stages to “get there.”

Only “there” never arrives, it is only always “Here”. So, where are you? On the map? No matter how elementary or advanced your arting, you can still benefit from the Arting Challenge I am running from tomorrow.

So…if you have been…restless, envious, uninspired, uncommitted, not disciplined enough, not playful enough or not abundant enough in your arting come around and join us!#Get Readyfor the Arting challenge.jpg




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