It’s time to find the you in me…

See metosee you“It’s time to find the you in me, the space between the finite and infinity…” those are lyrics by a friend to a piece of music by another friend. Never been published before.

This is how I got to think about portraits recently. I have been painting some more, commissioned as well as friendly ones. As in I asked the person to be portrayed, not the other way round.

What I came to realize even more, on a deeper level, is how special the time of the portrait session is. It is truly meeting between two people. One being witnessed, the other a witness. Having a quiet time together in the hustle and bustle of the everyday.

Sometimes we talk, mostly I listen, I witness, I am there for the portrayed. Taking them in. Both as in themselves, and myself. Really seeing them. And the you in me.

These are precious moments, precious meetings.

Thank you for them!




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