Draw a line…

#Draw a line

What happens when we draw a line? Something magical. Sometimes we do not know where to make it. But if we let the hand do the drawing, automatically then we are up for some surprises.

So, you have drawn, you have made a mark.

Now you are looking at it wondering…thoughts, words, images come to you as free associations. Note them down. At least first five of them. Don’t judge, don’t cross anything out. This is all you and the line. This is between you two.

Now, you have your words/phrases noted down. Take your pick. Which one is the most important to you right now? Appealing? Speaking to you?

Choose that one. Now…you have a title/theme for your new artwork.

Go, create. Use anything you can get your hands on – pencils, papers, saucepans, cups, phone/camera, pins, chalk…anything you find around the house. It can be a drawing, a sculpture, and installation, a poem, a video, a performance…a dance! It can be anything you are drawn to.

Draw a line. Draw the inspiration from yourself. Do what you are drawn to, even if you have never tried it before.

I first learnt a variant of this simple exercise at Zamek Ujazdowski, from Janusz Byszewksi and Marianna Parczewska. I have since then worked with my own variations of it. Thank you!


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