See metosee you

Recently been taking my painting arting more seriously. Seriously.

I have discovered I really enjoy painting portraits – there is something magical in the meeting between the sitter and the painter. No words need be exchanged…yet, magic happens…on the canvas at least…and most of the time in the sitter too. As there is something special about being witnessed, seen, recorded.

The next 30 days are my private 30 days challenge: I am going to paint a portrait a day. I am hoping to see you, when you see me. Sessions can be arranged in my London studio or online.

If you want to be part of it…and get a quality original artwork…at a reasonable price…for Valentine’s, birthday…or just for yourself…get in touch

The portraits are acrylic on canvas, dimensions variable, prices too, starting at 100 GBP for a smaller format, just ask.


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