Overheard over portraits of you

See metosee youI said I would paint 30 portraits in 30 days…but really what I meant was that I was going to see 30 people in 30 days and help them see themselves. 🙂

I know, sounds a bit soppy? It might. But it is not.

The portraits came about quite organically – me painting friends just for fun, and getting into some really interesting conversations over the resulting artwork.

Such as “How do I look at my husband? What eyes with?” or “I wondered what it is like to be seen. Really seen.” “The portraits have got such light in them, or is it loneliness?…but then again, we all have that.”

I wonder what kind of conversation shall we strike up, should you take part in the project in November!

Intrigued? Interested? In touch? Get in!


3 thoughts on “Overheard over portraits of you

  1. Hello again Irena, I just found this page but am slightly confused. Are you looking for people to paint a single portrait of themselves or are you looking to paint those people’s portraits yourself. In either case I would like to be part of that project if it isn’t too late.


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