Be(come) the artists you are

Photo on 15-02-2016 at 09.09 #2

Because you are. It might seem obvious to you (welcome, then you are an artist) or not so obvious…and then Joseph Beuys comes into play with his quote that “Everyone is an artist.” …and somebody (whose name I cannot remember) adding to it “…but only artists know about it.”

Be(come) the artist you are. Why? Because you need it. And the world needs you. If you are reading this then the chances are you are an artist, a  be/coming one.

Be/come the artist you are is my latest Play project for the Screw Work Break Free 30 Day Challenge. It is what I am and what I do…and have been doing for years now (trying to work out what kind of creative animal I am) knowingly or unknowingly. Inspiring and encouraging you to be the artist…you are.

See…my journey up to this point has been somewhat bumpy – through art history, English, art education and art therapy to something I call Arting. Arting is a process of be(coming) the artist you are.

Twice adult this year, I wish there was somebody like me there when I was 18…embarking on that degree course full of theory. And later when I became ill, healing myself through art. And later when I started with my first tentative attempts at painting (as in seriously) at the age of 29 (no, it is never too late, it really isn’t).

Somebody who would have seen the (hidden) creativity, the anxiety, the not-good-enough feeling inside, the doubts, the quilt trips…it would have saved me a lot of time. And grief. But I learned a lot on the way here, which I can now share with you.

Now that I have chucked the doubts, lack of entitlement and confidence in my fuck-it-bucket (I really made one, and so should you…one of the follow up posts will be about that), I can share what I have learnt on the way.  And also write about how arting has saved my sanity, and how it is making my days brighter and more colourful, and sharing it makes me more connected with people in the world…and it could bring you this too, and more.

Arting: Be(coming) the artist you are, a blog, a workshop series, a book under construction is about getting everybody in the world to art away :-D. Especially you.

Watch this space.



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