Be/come the Artist you Are….has begun

Photo on 04-10-2015 at 13.31

…so thanks to the brilliant Deborah Taylor I have become clearer…and getting super clear about what I am going to write about in my book. I can highly recommend her materials that take you from idea and motivation to book blueprint. Really really helpful.

I especially enjoyed the process in which I have outlined the shape of the book by mindmapping  and clustering (both tools from natural writing process) I have been using for my other writing…but have really really come in useful when writing something as big as a Book. You should have seen my studio floor, and desk and easel on the day I did this…nowhere to step on, work on, let alone paint on…but boy was it fun!

So…my thoughts on the contents at the present are the following:

  1. Why art? And why should you become something/body you already are?
  2. On Art Rulez (in this book anyway) – basic principles that guide my Arting process
  3. Instructions for use…as it is a highly practical book…what you will need to follow up with it.
  4. On Starting with the Arting Kicsktarter
  5. On Diving deeper both on the inside AND the outside (overcoming obstacles and developing your ideas and processes and skills or Art and Design Foundation in your pocket)
  6. On following up with your own Arting Project or How to be-come an artist in a month, or a year the most.
  7. On Show and Tell aka Sharing
  8. On my own Arting…the story of ten years…from insecure to installation exhibition to fuckit bucket and beyond…and how you can definitely do this much faster and have even more fun.
  9. Thank yous, inspirations and books/resources to look up.

Work in progress…which of these are you most curious about? Let me know :-).

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