It’s been seven hours…and fifteen days since…

…I started writing. The Book. #becometheartistyouare.


How does it feel? Logged 20 minutes+ daily (almost, missed two days when busy with #seemetoseeyourself portrait sessions). Feels awesome. Been sharing bits and bobs from it on instagram, FB and twitter.

What have I learned? Putting it all down to paper…has been really helpful in honing my message. And realizing what I know, precisely. And how can I be of service to others with this.

I also…got to write about it for again. The article is being edited as we speak.

What have been the biggest ahas? Creating is easy…when you don’t get in your own way. Arting is healing. Arting is self-development/al. Arting is fun. Do it. Do more of it. Right now. Well we kinda knew that but kept forgetting about it.

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