Slowly slowly…

photo-on-27-07-2016-at-00-21…catch a monkey. (The above is a teddybear superman!)

By logging in the twenty minutes a day I have now nearly completed the first very very rough draft of the book.

Here are some insights in it and on it:

#becometheartistyouare might be the only way forward…for you, if you had been stuck, unsure, doubtful and doubting…yet somewhat craving creative outlet and sharing.

The “by product” of the arting process are usually many surprises, realizations and aha lightbulb moments.

From kickstarting (or rather uncovering) your inspirations,  to going deeper to sharing, is a way to go.

Start with what you have, where you are, right now. Even if it means sticking paper butterflies along the streets. Which is what I have been doing lately. And building up on that.

Keep flowing and following your gut feeling. Might sound obvious, but let not the head get too much in the way, after all art is such a sensory treasure!

Share share share. Your journey, your discoveries, your challenges. You will be inspiring…and encouraging…others…and spreading the word of arting around.

Most of all…whatever you do, even if you are taking your arting more seriously now…have that fun! Take that orange felt-tip your lill’ one has been eating/ or your dog been chewing/or you discovered this Saturday while vacuuming and…I don’t know, draw an alternative christmas tree for this year…so that you don’t have to buy a live one…just stick found around the park twigs in it…and…you know…that kind of fun.

Also…now the book is really being written, I am going to be sharing bits and pieces and nuggets from it, to test in the virtual environment. If you would like to take part in it, join our FB Arting group for some arting sharing, encouragement and fun.










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