When you are stuck…

#0 Where are you_…like I am right now with the rough draft of my #becometheartisyouare book and emerging e-course for the new year….then I think, there are generally two things to do.

To stop and look.

Or to keep going by baby steps.

Or both. Stop and look in baby steps.

Because otherwise the top dog’s voice about  how ….fill in all the possible negative and doubtful judgements you can come up with….will come up and tear you apart. And make you stop…for good.

Which happened to me…only not for quite so good.

So now, I am babystepping in the editing process and starting to enjoy it.

After all, all we need is courage, faith and chocolate fudge cake. Innit? Or a mince pie should fudge run out.

Also, what helps is asking for help. So I have. The great Regina from by Reginahas offered free reviews of sales pages, products, etc. So I applied. Just now. That kicked my ass, and I have started writing and editing again.

Also, did I tell you that the www.psychologie.cz has published my piece about the book and writing process in Czech? Last week. Heyyyy!!!

So keep on writing, keep on arting!

Will keep you posted.



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