It’s coming on Christmas…

…they’re cutting down trees…singing songs of joy and peace…I wish I had a river…I could skate away on. Sings Joni Mitchell. Long time ago now.

I am against tree cutting and for song singing…every single day. I have the river of my mind to skate away on :). Perhaps I should start writing updated lyrics to my favourite songs…with Leonard and so many others gone this year…it might be high time.

Did my portion of christmas superstitions this year…or let’s call them traditions. I have cut the barborkas, cherry twigs to see if they blossom on 24th, if they do I shall get married next year. And will be cutting the apple in half too, to see if I see a star inside. If so, the upcoming one will be a good year.

Honestly I hope it will be. This one has not been bad, despite the Brexit and Trump, and Syria and Standing Rock and, and, and…personally it has been a good one. And that is my small contribution to the world…being well. In peace. With myself.

The single most important thing that has helped me on the way has been

So that is my little christmas link present. Present immaterial. Present that matters. Enjoy.



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