A month to #becometheartistyouare Day 0: Where are you?

So, here you are…at the end of the year…again. How has your 2016 been? I have painted around it, and wrote/journaled around it…and came to a conclusion that it has been lot better than what it let on on the surface (despite all the geopolitical upheavals).

I have exhibited in London for the first time, got involved in community cultural festival, made some new friends, set up my Arting FB group, got commissions through my #seemetoseeyourself portrait project and finished writing my #becometheartistyouare book.

Now running A month to #becometheartistyouare challenge in my Arting group. Are you game? Join us! You only need 20 minutes a day, a camera (on your phone, for example), pencil and sketchbook…and yourself.

How does it work? Join the group, and follow daily visual prompts. Starting today with a little warm-up. See below (by the way – made a mistake-whooo!, haikus are in syllables rather than words so you can try both and see how it works.)


#0 Where are you_

My here music playing

me singing along to the tune

of things to come, surely.

Where are you? What are your heres?

Do tell, do share!

And do join us for the fun to come in January!




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