A Month to #becometheartistyouare Day 7: What?Reflection!



Pretty straithgt forward. Reflect, following the questions above.

How many Arting 20-minute slots did you do this week? One? Three? All seven? Either way, you have started, so pat yourself on the back. It is Saturday, so you might feel like catching up as well, if you avoided or itched to do a day for a particular reason.

Why not share your reflection in Arting group with others, to get support and feedback.

For me, with a phone down, this week has been more about sketching and developing what I am seeing: fun bold closeups. Join us to see more 🙂 of the fun.

I discovered that I am most in the flow when I allow myself to be a bit mischievous, and off the page.

And I came up with an idea how to turn the book into a workshop, which could go nicely hand in hand. So that I could teach others in the community  in person. Exciiiited!

Also, thank you for all your comments, insights and contributions. They are helping me make the book even better!

Tomorrow is a start of a new week. Time to get Inspired :-). Just wait and see.

Now go and have your 20 minute arting fun!




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