What happens when the wires cross?

They short…and send the whole of Telegraph Hill offline :-D. Hence my delay in A month to #becometheartistyouare posts.

Yes, these things kind of happen in 21st century and teach us about our digital and technological vulnerabilities :-). And they also teach us the value off line. Off page. And of reality.

I was forced by the unforseen circumstance to blog in my sketchbook, rather than here. Discovered a couple more things and…started painting again! Here:

Photo on 08-10-2015 at 15.20

This one is an older cup image…from last year, but a starting point to a series of cups I am painting in acrylics.

The cup remains the same, yet every day it changes…with the weather, the mood the atmosphere inside and outside myself.

When I was ill, I would draw a cup a day…to keep the doctor away. It was the natural thing to do, at breakfast, it was there right in front of me, something to focus on, on its sculptural qualities, on the light changing as the day progressed, on it getting emptied and refilled. It became a metaphor for life. The minutes, the hours spent with my cup when recovering. The cup will never be the same again. To me.

So I am making a focal point of my attention for my next painting series. My partner even jokes about it, and has started calling me “Cuppie”.

Watch this space…the Everyday Cups are coming this way.

The internet should be down for another week (I am sitting in the local café that has a different provider, obviously)…and I will try to keep my offline routine going. Will still post, just keep it to a limited time…rather than being connected most of the time. I choose to get connected within instead.

My Everyday Cups are helping me to do just that.








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