How did I get here? Being. An artist and creativity coach. Inspiring and encouraging.

Basically…the past ten years happen/ed. Twenty actually.

And that got me here. And here.

From insecure to installation exhibition and beyond.

I started off as a…where did I start off?… Well, then thirty-six years happened then :-D. You know. When you dig deeper you get to realize where all those things come from that have been stopping me. How I have been stopping myself. Creating almost despite that. Despite myself.

Sounds familiar? I help people who are drawn to an arting life (a life in art) from the point where I am now: With a couple of exhibitions below my belt, commissions, five years of self-discovery and healing in therapy and coaching, training in art psychotherapy, certification as an art teacher and art historian. Translating along the way – between languages, pictures and people.

But on a more deeper level – overcoming the years of low self esteem, self-doubt and negative patterning. I have collected quite a few tools and methods, approaches, and upon learning from my teachers (Julia Cameron and Eric Maisel among the most noteworthy) and clients I have fused them into a framework for inspired action: #becometheartistyouare!

So now, I inspire and encourage others to do just that. Want to join me? Why not connect for an Arting Call to see where you are, where you want to be and how you can get started, right now. In 20 minutes together we can overcome a lot – years of resistance built up, negative thoughts and set on a way of building something more positive…your arting presence and future. So, book now! On Skype ID ircarodejnice.

Or join us for A month to #becometheartistyouare in Arting FB group. Looking forward to seeing you there!

In the meantime enjoy and art on!








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