Editing…is not mi ting

But having said that…it is extremely useful process…honing the message of the book, getting clearer and clearer, pinning it all down.

And then realizing you are actually writing more about #be/cominghuman than #becomingtheartistyouare :). That the weight of the prompts is in the exploring, awareness-making and noticing that are a start of the self-development/growth.

What and why you see and create the way you do?

Art, arting and growing are intertwined. Inextricably. There’s a word!

I can see it (the contents of a book) working as a community group. Did I tell you I am running a workshop as part of the Telegraph Hill Festival? No, here you go. I am. Excited, nervous, curious, this being my first public gig in the UK (not counting the exhibition last year). It will be fine, I am sure. Looking forward tuit. Are you coming?




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