If you really wanted to do it, you’d be already doing it…” well, not quite.

2014-05-19-09-37-21The above quote comes from my ex-husband. Uttered as a, I suppose, hopefully helpfully intended utterance :-). Whatever was behind it, whatever its intention, its content is completely and utterly off the wall.

So much so for his soft skills (he was in the military, I was clinically depressed).

But if this has been one of the thingies that keeps you away from your arting (or whatever else it might be you really want to have a go at/do/try), if this is what you have been telling yourself…despair not. Because it is not true. Simply.

There are so many things we might be and are unaware of, or indeed are blocked about, that the above statement simply does not withstand the test of Truth.

And the test of Truth is the lill’ voice in your heart, the lill’ butterfly in your tummy when you do that thing, or think about doing that thing, that you should have been doing all along if you really really wanted to do it. See.

Simple. So sigh a sigh of relief and send the naysayers you know where. No. It is not too late. Not even if you have never even picked up a pencil to draw in your adult life. Or to jot a few verses.

The main thing is that little curious butterfly in your tummy. And you know it is there…otherwise you would not be reading THIS!

So, just breathe, give it some fresh air and know…that anything is possible. It is. I know what I am talking about.



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