How to keep creative…Day 1: Make Lists


In April, I am sharing one creativity tip/suggestion that does not require much effort or time on your part yet sets off your creative energy.

So today we shall start…


Making lists.

Yes, make a list.

A list of all the things you wanted to do and have forgotten about

A list of people you want to see again soon

A list of things you are grateful for

A list of fun stuff in your life

A list of all the things/people that make you feel fuzzy in your life

A list of lists you need to make to keep yourself well

A list of…

…anything you need to make a list of.

Take your pick and see where it gets you.

List making is a very good activity to get started with thinking out of the box. By categorizing things we get thinking about links and also new connections between things.

Make a list you need to make and then go to Arting FB group and let me know how it went :-). Share your insights and aha-moments.

Why? April is a month to gear up creatively. And it is not an April Fool’s, really isn’t. I am running this warm up creativity challenge in my Arting group and you are welcome to join us any time. We are a friendly and safe space for sharing our arting journeys. We are warming up for May, which is A Month to #becometheartistyouare.




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