How to get and stay creative (Day 10): Listen to some new music!

Remember how yesterday I wrote about the roots in the originality of our art, and growing wings?

Well, listening to new music can help you do just that. Nothing against your oldies goldies and personal evergreens…however, new, before unheard piece of music can take you to new places, literally.

How do you pick it? A bit of Dada perhaps? Or just go to youtube and see what they recommend for you based on what you already listen to…or ask your friends or leaf through your favourite mag’s culture/music section.

Do it today, listen to some new music…and report the findings, insights, and ahas :-). Why not join us in Arting group for that?



This creativity challenge is a warm up to May which is a month to #becometheartistyouare. To find out more about this group month-long arting challenge, go here.


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