How to get and stay creative (Day 9): Get to know your roots.

Seriously. As the word original, which has got to do a lot with good art, comes from its root origin…and that has got a lot to do with your origin and your roots.

Acknowledge them, be proud of them. Don’t dismiss them. Recognize the good in your roots, the things you want to keep. Don’t get bogged down by the negative and even possible resentment…allow to grow wings too. 🙂 Allow yourself to grow.

The above is a portrait of my dad, who unwittingly had been the single biggest hurdle to me being an artist in the past. He always cares about me being safe and secure. Secretly I think he wanted to be one too…a potter or something like that. He is extremely dexterous. And extremely self-critical to the point of stopping himself in his tracks and hiding in procrastination. That is my creative root. Acknowledging the good – his earthy creativity has helped me overcome the baggage (well, work in progress :-)).

Be good to yourself. I love you Dad.

These daily ponderings are my way to warm up for May the month to #becometheartistyouare. Check it out!

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