#becometheartistyouare Day28: Follow your gut…whatever it is telling you

So…I have been arting with others as part of the #becometheartistyouare challenge for the past four weeks.

And really digging deep. And having fun, making a lill filmie based around my response to Object by Meret Oppenheim from 1936…the famous furry cup, you know which one I mean.

Having painted first, I then needed the images to move…and then I discovered I needed to move too. The canvases were not big enough, the brushes not me enough. I needed to paint with my body.

So, when day 28 arrived and with it the prompt to follow my gut…I just did it. Taped together the largest sheets of paper I had…and white paint, and my leotard…and headed for my back garden on Sunday morning. Not that early either.

It was a rebellious feeling, pouring the white paint on my oiled body. And then entering the large canvas made out of white paper. I just sat down and listened what came to me from withing, did kind of a process meditation. Stretching my body, reaching out, touching the papered ground. The paper and I became one. The canvas and I became one.

What was left of this freeing dance (I felt great having done that) were a couple of sploshes of paint on the ground and the white on white traces of my inner process on the paper.


Thougth of Adriena Simotova, a Czech artist who died recently…so this is how she did it…wrapped herself up in paper and hurled herself against papered objects. It was a freeing gesture.

Don’t have a video. Only the white traces of the process which was soo importatnt to me.

Watch this space for more.

#adrienasimotova #revisited #myreply to #yvesklein


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