Join Arting to get the #CreativityClinic Tips and Hints daily

Are you creative? Sound a bit like Patty Smith singing the line in Are you Experienced? :-)…ehm, should not laugh at my own jokes. Anyway. Join you should. Here, because it will help you get from this mess…and that is PJ Harvey. 

See above, picture of mess. See below, picture of creative messy outcomes. And happy faces, well mostly, but that is part of the process….

….called Arting.

I have a strong belief in the approach “if in doubt, throw some art at it”…and that could probably be a good working definition of arting so far.

I have also put it all into #becometheartistyouare challenge and am putting it in a book.

The xy years distilled in xy pages.

Writing it for the teen, the twenty-someting and also the more mature me, whom I wish someone had told or shown all this…before/earlier.

Would that have spoilt anything for her? I doubt that.

Because it is talking about arting in a way a good film review, which does not spoil the film if you have not seen it yet, does. Only this is more of a toolbox, rather than a review.  Ok ok, Now, I am getting muddied up. Think Julia Cameron cut with fizz. And more practical. For the “visual” artist in the making.

Anyhow, the point of me writing this post is to lure you into the group…and share some more arting fun with you. It is a safe space (as safe as we make it, and I set the standard high) for sharing our arting journeys.

The #CreativityClinic is open now in the group…with daily hints and suggestions and ready to take on new im-patients.

Interested? jump on in here. Or you could subscribe to my list and get the news weekly, rather than daily. The choice is all yours.



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