10 easy ways to fill your creative well…and feel better too

Photo on 26-02-2016 at 09.55Well…let’s go down to business. Not necessarily in the “right” order. Take your pick. Try at least one and report results.

  1. Look and feel around you. Make a haiku (poem of seventeen syllables, 5-7-5) about your here and now. Use your senses.
  2. Fill your cup (with something nutritious and nice)
  3. See/k the Truth
  4. Look for Beauty…and failing that Truth, even if ugly
  5. Listen to what is around you. What can you actually hear right now where you are? Make tinystories or tinypictures for the sounds.
  6. Smell the roses. They are there. Everywhere.
  7. Make bread. And eat it. Honestly, try this.
  8. Tidy up your bookshelf…and see what happens.
  9. Giveaway your favourite books to your local café with a note what you liked about them and an invite for a friendly cuppa, and see what happens. Fear not.
  10. Stretch your body, move to the music, even if (only….only? only?!) your inner one, sing along to it. Hum at least. Use your voice to voice the body feelings. See what happens. You may end up dancing, crying, laughing…or just slumping and resting. All is allowed.

P.S. My favourite books are already here (The HillStation Cafe…SE14 on the top of Telegraph Hill, London)…hint hint.

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