How to save your Arting Life: Do you do (enough) Reflection and Envisioning?

I have this process, two actually, that have helped me…to stay on track, yet be flexible enough and see the opportunities coming

I call them Reflection and Envisioning. I do them at the weekend. Every weekend.

On Saturday night…I have a look at the past week:

  • How did I feel? How was it?
  • What have I accomplished?
  • How can I follow up on that? When.
  • What did I not accomplish that I wanted to?
  • What happened? Is it still relevant?
  • Self-coaching the how to the why not. (what would I tell a good friend if she came back to me withe same reason/excuse/story)

Then I leave it to simmer over night, sometimes I do sankalpa about the self-coaching when I am stuck for rational answers.

On Sunday I follow up with these three for the following week:

  • TOP 3 and
  • TOP 1 action steps for the next week plus when.
  • Wanna B….wanna feel…setting the intention for being.


I also have a daily process…but more about it say…tomorrow?

How does that sound to you. How do you keep track? I am a writing animal, so it works for me, but sometimes it is fun, just to do it mentally and keep record. Whoa, that is powerful.  Try it and tell me.







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