I was trying to make Christmas cards…and this came out of it, anyway…

IMG_0569 (2)I still had good time with tracing paper, acrylics, felt-tip and my hands….messy time, but a good one.

The final countdown is on…2017 (no matter how artificial the calendar is…and abgesehen davon, that all is NOW, always NOW anyway, or is it?) is finishing soon. The general mood of reflection and hope in the air. Looking back and dreaming lives up again on many people’s minds.

Do you have a special way to reflect on the year just gone? I usually do so in painting, the messy way, recollecting every month and painting a single sheet of painting. Shall be posting soon.

And how about dreaming up the 2018? Let me know if you have your special way to go about it. Would love to hear from you.

In the meantime…we are the angels we have been waiting on.

Christmas cards on! Btw…if you do like this one, I can make you a print 😉 Just drop a line.





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