Arting and Loving Oneself. Work it.

becauseyouareI have recently been thinking about how important it is to integrate selflove into arting.

Or rather how arting requires selflove and makes it grow. And vice versa.

What do I mean by that?I am talking about loving oneself…by giving oneself both space AND boundaries.

Giving oneself  ENOUGH space to pursue your arting – physical, temporal and mental. By enough I mean SOME. To start with, you can begin with as little as 20 minutes a day (this is a principle my #becometheartistyouare challenge works with) and make it grow. Experiment.

The seemingly opposing requirement is to set yourself limits – boundaries, banks of the river through which your arting can flow. So make these twenty-minutes REGULAR, daily appointment. Carry sketchbook everywhere with you and really log in the twenty minutes a day wherever you are. Once a week go through your sketchbook and see what came up. Give yourself some form of structure – like daily and weekly reviews and planning/dreaming up time. Put them into your system. No matter if at home over a cup of tea or on the commuter train on the way from work. Experiment with what works for you.

And work it does, if you make it work.  Make it work by working with what is. Accept. Appreciate. Be Grateful. Be excited. It is exciting! Those are elements of selflove.

Go experiment, work. Enjoy. Regularly!



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