Bumpy road…and how arting has been helping me along

I had not been in touch for some two months now. That is because it had been a bit of a bumpy ride. Literally.

About two months ago, I discovered I had a bump in my belly. And was thrilled. Another month in and I discovered I had lost it.

They say it is more common then you would think. One in four pregnancies being miscarried spontaneously.

I was arting around my joy and expectation, and then loss and sadness. I believe it has helped me to process a lot. Without having to talk to anyone.

One day, before I found out Myra (yes, I came up with a name, silly me) was gone, this appeared on the paper in front of me. It made me wonder.


And it still does, how precisely we can tap into the unknown with our arting.

I am ok now. Thinking, it was not meant to be, yet, anyway. And came to terms with it. Eventually.

The above image was a part of the series Aplhabet, the inner and outer landscapes. Here are more.


Let me know how you like them…and what inner our outer landscapes have you been uncovering recently.


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