Art Open Show…what to show?

Preparing for the Telegraph Hill Festival  Art Open Show which is coming up on 11th March at two venues at New Cross Gate – the Mughead Coffee and the White Hart  I was faced with the inevitable question: what to show?

What has come up in the past year that I want to share?

The Butterfly Inspiration series?

The Traces of Me series?55CD38CE-B30C-4550-9A60-BB30F1FBE17F

Or Watching Myself series?

Or the Alphabet/inner and outer landscape series?

And the winner is…#seemetoseeyourself portrait series duo.


As I have really enjoyed working in this process a lot.

Witnessing the sitter. Connecting on some deeper level…most people say I manage to capture how they really feel…sometimes they say that is not necessarily a good thing…and I smile.

I used to joke about myself that I am like NOKIA…connecting people…to themselves.

The blue one is a portrait of my Grandmother. Babicka.

Being the way she is, she only allowed me to take a photograph that was the basis and reference for this work…it is still waiting on her to see it.

Do you want to get your #seeemetoseeyourself portrait session? Get in touch

Or see you at the informal opening of the show on Sunday, March 11th.


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