Spring Cleaning…discovering my dreamboard…and why!

Oftentime everything is about undoing…rather than doing. Or doing the undoing…

..like at this time of the year when spring cleaning comes into fore.

Getting rid for the obstacles in growth is super important. All the clutter and junk accumulated over winter and years….has to go. And voila, I got to discover a few things (about myself…apart from being a lazy cleaner):

My forgotten vision/dreamboard from the autumn. It was stuck on the wall and I hardly got to notice it at all… so I thought.

Because when I looked at it carefully, I discovered that it had all come to become

…my reality.

The new shelving set up in the studio,

the new sofa,

the open studio/exhibition at a local festival.

And I even lost some weight by changing my dietary discipline,

and put my feet up…and became lot happier with myself as a result.

The biggest motto on it said: I am thriving when I treat myself well.

I should not be surprised really, as I had been using dreamboards on and off for some twelve years now.

They connect the unconscious part of us and our futures that we make. 

Given that it is such a powerful tool, I have decided to make another one, after tidying up the studio.

And you can join me this time as I walk you through the process...

tomorrow (on Mother’s Day) at 3 pm GM on FB live in the Arting group. 

All you need is a couple of magazines to tear images from, a pair of scissors, glue or sellotape and if you want, a large sheet of paper as a background. And your favourite felt-tips and/or other materials you like, such as acrylics or ink pens.


See you then, then!


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