Expect Miracles when you art…it is really really practical ;-) no woo woo.


Two simple steps you can take right now towards your arting and move it forward…


this is slightly different from a visionboard. It taps into your inner wants, longings and yearnings with the right brain, rather than posting all the things we think we want.

Just grab a few sources of images – like magazines from all different walks of life, and tear through them, literally. Save the images you have torn out, and arrange them into a whole that speaks to you, you are drawn to. Don’t over think it. Then step back and look, and see what the image is telling you…have a conversation, ask it as a whole, and then ask the individual pieces….what are you to know?

Be prepared to be surprised. Write around it. Pin the dream board in a visible place in your studio or study…and let it work its magic. 🙂

The magic is very practical…being reminded daily on your dreams…we are more likely to take actions on them.


This might be a bit scary…but if you play in the open…like e.g. create the responses to one of the #becometheartistyouare challenges  publicly (such as a café, like I did today @HillStation), you are bound to bump into really interesting people. Fellow artists, writers, potential collaborators…I did. I do. So try it and report your findings.

Easy right? No rocket science…but powerful. Go, dream, play, art away! In the open.


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