My #becometheartistyouare challenge week three

Week 3 leads onto exploring the different elements of artmaking like point and line, texture, shape, space, motion and colour.

Every day I took my earlier inspiration and played with it in the light of these categories.

I made a short animation film. I cut out stencils. I reached for my old school oil pastels…

I discovered the mortality in the touch and creation, through the short filmie I got to see the touch as crucial, and then with the introduction of colour, I moved into spring.


I found week three quite hard going…which is usual in a thirty day challenge…the initial enthusiasm vanishes, the life gets in the way…still, these twenty minutes a day of arting practice have kept my sanity.

Also, the importance of looking back and reflecting on the previous creations is paramout…and will be even more so, in week 4 when we get to explore the principles guiding the elements.

Wanna join me? Not too late, you can join me anytime, as I keep this practice ongoing and have other artists in the FB group doing the same. Join #becometheartistyouare challenge here.

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