My Arting Book Challenge – am blogging IT, will you join me?

#becometheartistyouare (1)

Dear All,

I hereby commit myself to blogging a day chapter of my Arting book a day…as of today. 🙂

Why? Accountability, sharing, fun.

What should you look forward to? A daily book write up from my #becometheartistyouare course that is becoming #betheyouyouare thing. :-).

By doing this I am hoping to get the first draft rewritten/edited in a month.

You are free to join me on the creative arting journey. What you will need is




and camera for example on your phone.

No frills needed. Basics.

And or your favourite media and materials. And about 20 minutes a day.

Let me know if you are up for it!

Drop me a line to to join the daily updates and for option of feedback and one to one perks go here.




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