My here and now feels/like my breath been drawn in for/a long time. Exhale

Yesterday I said I was going to write up a day chapter of my book. I committed. Today, I almost chickened out in a very clever way, by almost having forgotten about it, having yesterday, after having committed also persuaded myself it was pointless. Anyhow.



Here I go. So do you.


All you need for the following 33 days is yourself, a piece of paper and a pencil and a (phone/digital) camera and about 20 minutes of time.

Today, easy start. See below. I made a mistake: haiku is in syllables, not words. So count those, it will press you into a form, which might be uncomfortable, but useful to start with.



#0 Where are you-

How does your here and now feel?

Just write.

Great. Starting point, always already where we are.

My here and now feels like the title of this blog.

More tomorrow.

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