How do you become an artist in 33 days? Just start. Day One.

Some time ago I set out to blog-edit my #becometherartistyouare process into a book form.

Life and myself got in the way.

Today I start with the first “real” assignment…one about breaking barriers to self-expression. Just have a go, especially, and even if not you have issues around allowing yourself to draw, paint, write, create in any shape or for because of being over critical to yourself. See the instructions below.

# 1 Make a bad drawing

In doing this, note down all your feeling around the assignment. How does it feel making a baaad drawing? Is it cringey? Is it liberating? Is it something else?

Look at the drawing, and really, is it that baad after all? Why yes, why not? Note down your reactions. Whose reactions are they anyhow? Are they really truly yours? Who in you, is speaking to whom about this? What memories does this bring into mind? Just notice.

Are there good qualities about the baad drawing you could appreciate? Like perceived sloppiness could be recognized as a certain freedom? Or bits of it that you really like? Appreciate them.

If you want share it with your sketchbook. All that your baaad drawing made you realize and see. And if you want share it with me in here in the comments or in the FB Arting group.

Most of all have fun, and be gentle with yourself, no matter what comes up and/or you discover.






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