How do you become an artist in 33 days? join me on the road of arting self-discovery as I blog my book


I have successfully tapered off my antidepressants! Whooaaa. Celebration time.

The road has been a bit bumpy and a lot self-care had been needed since the end of April when I started the process.

Now clear of AD, no longer smelling of drugs in my sweat, hurray! and free of other not so nice side effects. Cool.

The above image was taken in the thick of it:

stepping stones/prizing the door open/across the river of sadness



Now that is out of my way,  I have restarted with blogging my #becometheartistyouare book bit by bit daily.

It is based on my course #becometheartistyouare  that I run online.

All you need to join in is yourself, sketchbook, pencil and a camera on your mobile phone for example.

You can join me in the #arting fun in the Arting FB group for daily updates and community. See you there! 🙂


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