Arting Sunday Afternoon…on Monday

It was raining yesterday…all the more reason to stay in the studio and paint. So I did.

To start with I was lost…what is it that I see? Am drawn to? I flipped through my sketchbook. In it I discovered a very rough sketch from the cafe up the Hill from where I live, of an armchair.

So I turned it into a painting. I was happy with it, its forlorn qualities and then painted the feelings it conjured up in me over it. I call it Feeling Forlorn. It is the first painting below.


As it was still raining, I took some notes on the rain with my newly found abstractifying freedom. Second painting below. Notes on Rain, is the title.


And finally, I really enjoyed remembering the cup from the cafe from the previous day. Painterly meditation on fleetingness of memory. Third painting below. Notes on a cup.


What feelings, memories and thoughts do they conjure up in you? Let me know.

Also, all of the above are acrylics on paper, 42×30 cm and are for sale at £75 a piece. Free shipping in the UK and Europe. Let me know, if interested.

In the meantime, enjoy Monday afternoon.


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