Happy 2019

Festive season is always a time to look back on the past year. So I did. Over Christmas, and came up to a conclusion that 2018 was a pretty good year, given my visuals. Painted lot more than before, exhibited, got commissions, sold art and last but not least made important personal and business connections. See for yourselves below. 47691032_2293162634296916_7444940273422216160_nSo PF 2019, pour felicite, to good luck in 2019!

Facebook said that the word for my new year was HOPE. I hope it was right. It also said that I will start pursuing my dreams more actively…I am.

First one of them is a solo show in London. In the making as we speak. Hopefully just before my birthday in April. Working title is Surfacing: Recovery. Venue about to be confirmed. Paintings from the past five years, from the mad scribbles to reflective paintings of a recovering soul. Butterflies included. The whole design came down to me this morning, venue permitting. It is gonna be fab. So looking forward to it.

Watch this space as I am developing it.

What have you been up to and how is your arting going, and where this year?


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